Noah Ryder, MSFPE, P.E., MBA, CFEI

Fire & Risk Alliance


For over 15 years Mr. Noah Ryder has focused on understanding fire and explosion’s interaction with both built and natural environments.  He is a licensed professional engineer, and focuses on how safety can be improved at a facility through the use of quantitative risk assessments (QRA), hazard evaluations (HAZOP), modeling (FDS, FLACS, Phast), and performance-based design. He also specializes in evaluating post-incident scenes, determining the sources of ignition, and thermal or blast wave conditions that led to the loss.

This knowledge is applied to future projects giving Mr. Ryder a keen insight into what fire protection measures actually work, what level of protection is required, and areas where failures are most frequent. Mr. Ryder’s knowledge and experience has been used globally by the world’s largest and most complex oil & gas (onshore/offshore), chemical/petrochemical, nuclear, power generation, and heavy industries facilities.

In addition Mr. Ryder teaches the Fire & Explosion Investigation and Industrial Fire Protection Engineering courses at the University of Maryland in the Fire Protection Engineering Department and is also a qualified Subject Matter Expert for Saudi Aramco in Fire Protection, Loss Prevention, and Hazard/Risk analysis.


Michael J. Gollner, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.

University of Maryland


Dr. Gollner’s previous research, working with his adviser Professor Forman A. Williams, investigated an approach to commodity flammability ranking in warehouses and the propagation of fires through industrial, wildland, and built environments. This work was performed in collaboration with Professor Ali Rangwala from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, utilizing facilities from both institutions.

He has also appeared on William Shatner’s “Weird or What” television series where he performed room fire testing for the TV series.

Michael previously worked with Schirmer Engineering (now AON Fire Protection Engineering) in San Diego, CA.  His work there included two projects for the Fire Protection Research Foundation.  He holds a B.S. (2008), M.S. (2010) and Ph.D. (2012) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, San Diego.

You can contact Dr. Gollner at:
University of Maryland
  • Department of Fire Protection Engineering
  • 3104A JM Patterson Building
  • Email:
  • Phone: 301-405-6667


  1. I have had the pleasure of knowing Jason for over five years and find him a strong and informed FPE.


  2. Patty Carson says:

    I’m enjoying Dr Sutula’s Fire Investigation blog! Very informative, easy to read & navigate, plus lots of great resources!


  3. This is an excellent blog for both students and seasoned investigators/engineers. Sharing of new technology and concepts will assist the “fact finder” from relying on “old wise tales” to make factual determinations of causation.


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