by: Jason A. Sutula

fire science blog candleHello and welcome to the Fire Science Blog! I have a few goals for what I want this blog to accomplish. Before I get to those goals, I want to share with you a little bit about my background. My name is Jason A. Sutula, and I have been involved in the fields of Fire Science, Fire Protection Engineering, and Fire Investigation for over thirteen years. During that time, I have been very fortunate to have experienced a wide range of the various aspects of all three fields. I have conducted various research projects ranging from smoke detector testing to microgravity combustion. I have performed fire hazard risk assessment to smoke control modeling for fire protection design. I have conducted many site inspections and documented many fire scenes. I have interviewed witnesses and collected evidence. I have been involved in every “fire expert” aspect of the resulting (and inevitable) litigation related to a fire loss, including both criminal and civil cases. I have had the chance to learn, understand, and use some of the most advanced and sophisticated tools available within the realm of Fire Science. And, maybe most importantly, I have a realistic view of what is and what is not possible in these chosen fields, which leads nicely into my goals for the Fire Science Blog.

Blog Goals:

  1. To educate what the fields of Fire Science, Fire Protection, and Fire Investigation are all about.
  2. To discuss what a fire scientist is, what a fire scientist does, and the ways to become a fire scientist.
  3. To talk about what a fire protection engineer is, what a fire protection engineer does, and the various ways to become a fire protection engineer.
  4. To relate what a fire investigator is, what a fire investigator does, and the various ways to become a fire investigator.
  5. To present the “basic elements” of a sound fire investigation.
  6. To provide helpful resources in one location related to all things related to fire science, fire protection, and fire investigation.
  7. To present case examples of various fire and explosion incidents and how available fire and explosion investigative tools were used for those analyses.
  8. To foster critical discussion to help advance the fields.

These goals are ambitious to be sure, but I am committed to presenting as much of this information as possible. I hope that all readers will find this blog interesting and informative, and I would invite you to give your opinions freely on all topics presented.


  1. Christopher Schemel says:

    Wow! This is a great idea. Good Job.


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